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Photoelectron angular distributions of molecules in bichromatic laser fields of ci.. Ren XH(任向河) 538
Curriculum Vitae: Geng Lin Geng Lin 506
High-power diode-end-pumped Tm:YAP and Tm:YLF slab lasers Cheng XJ(程小劲) 433
A discussion on spectral modification from visible to near-infrared based on energ.. Jiajia Zhou 410
Narrow line-width filters based on rugate structure and antireflection coating Zhang JC(张俊超) 398
Design and fabrication of a polarization-independent wideband transmission fused-s.. Hongchao Cao 386
Graphene oxide covalently functionalized with zinc phthalocyanine for broadband op.. Jinhui Zhu 385
Ultrafast dynamics of Bi Sb film studied by femtosecond pump–probe technique 武腾飞 372
Ultrafast modification of elements distribution and local luminescence properties .. Yu Teng 371
Synthesis and strong optical limiting response of graphite oxide covalently functi.. Yong-Xi Li 356
激光诱导掺铪同成分铌酸锂晶体优先畴成核 侯培培 261
Graphene and Carbon Nanotube Polymer Composites for Laser Protection Jun Wang 261
Unified design of wavelength-independent deep-etched fused-silica gratings 吕鹏 251
1053,527,351nm倍频分离膜的制备与性能研究 尚光强 246
“国家点火装置”的建造经费和时间表 滕晓丽 243
Selective metallization on insulator surfaces with femtosecond laser pulses Xu Jian 242
Sinusoidal phase-modulating laser diode interferometer insensitive to the intensit.. Zhongliang Li 236
Multiple-input ghost imaging via sparsity constraints Gong WL (龚文林) 236
2.7 um emission properties of Er3+ doped tungsten-tellurite glass sensitized by Yb.. Yanyan Guo 234
测定高斯光束束腰位置和尺寸的装置及方法 夏天 232
Unified design of sinusoidal-groove fused-silica grating Feng JJ(冯吉军) 230
Femtosecond laser-induced thermal lens effect in chromium film Zhu LW(朱林伟) 229
Near-infrared distributed feedback solgel lasers by intensity modulation and polar.. Jun Wang 223
Laser-induced Damage of Multilayer Oxide Coatings at 248 nm Wei CY(魏朝阳) 219
激光二极管端面抽运Nd∶YVO4固体激光器热致光束畸变非对称的平衡 林强 213
Generation of double femtosecond pulses by using two transmissive gratings Wu TF(武腾飞) 213
Mid-infrared luminescence and energy transfer of Dy3+/Tm3+ doped fluorophosphate g.. Ying Tian 213
反式和顺式-1,2-二氰-(4-乙基苯)乙烯结构的谱学分析 陈志敏 209
基于米氏散射理论的太阳光散射偏振特性 黄旭锋 208
Polarization-independent triangular-groove fused-silica gratings with high efficie.. 曹红超 204
1064 nm nanosecond laser induced concentric rings and periodic ripples .. Sun W(孙卫) 204
Synthesis and luminescence properties of YVO4:Eu nanocrystals grown in nanoporous .. Qiao Yanbo 203
Smoothing the side lobes of a focused pattern by spectral dispersion in the broadb.. 彭润伍 202
ICF固体激光驱动器前级系统中的脉冲整形 王春 200
Origin of laser-induced near-subwavelength ripples: interference between surface p.. Huang M(黄敏) 200
Ultrafast Saturable Absorption of Two-Dimensional MoS2 Nanosheets Wang, Kangpeng 199
Improving imaging resolution of shaking targets by Fourier-transform ghost diifrac.. Cong Zhang (张聪) 198
How to measure the internuclear vector from photoelectron angular distributions Xianghe ren (任向河) 195
基于LabVIEW和声卡的数据采集系统 魏晨阳 193
Femtosecond off-axis digital holography for monitoring dynamic surface deformation Zhu LW(朱林伟) 193
Group velocity of the light pulse in an open V-type system Li Jingjuan 191
基于DSP的全数字稳频 DFB半导体激光器系统 魏芳 188
Infrared, Raman and XPS spectroscopic studies of Bi2O3– B2O3–Ga2O3 glasses 范慧艳 187
Single attosecond pulse generation using two-color polarized time-gating technique 霍义萍 186
双光路去噪声载波-包络相位测量装置 宋立伟 186
Effect of lithium-sodium mixed-alkali on phase transformation kinetics in Er3+/Yb3.. 房永征 185
用于蓝光可录存储的无机材料研究进展 周莹 184
Deactivation effects of the lowest excited state of Ho3+ at 2.9 μm emission intro.. 张沛雄 184
Multiwavelength amplified harmonic emissions from carbon dioxide pumped by mid-inf.. Chu Y(储蔚) 182
Beam combination of a radial laser array: Flat-topped beam 吴国华 180
基于免疫层析技术的时间分辨荧光免疫分析仪研究 任冰强 180
Diode pumped passively mode-locked Yb:SSO laser with 2. 3ps duration Li JF(李进峰) 180
激光诱导等离子体开关控制脉宽实验研究 李红霞 179
Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering Substrate Fabricated by Femtosecond Laser Induce.. Zhou ZH(周增会) 179
Single shot ptychographical iterative engine based on multi-beam illumination Pan XC(潘兴臣) 179
The influence of sparsity property of images on ghost imaging with thermal light Du J (杜金) 178
A design of isolated sub-100 attosecond pulse generation in water-window Zou P(邹璞) 177
Ghost imaging lidar via sparsity constraints Chengqiang Zhao (赵成强) 177
Effect of La2O3 on the physical and crystallization properties of Co2+-doped MgO–.. 陈力 175
偏振正交误差对偏振光导航定位系统测量精度的影响 黄旭锋 172
Single-shot sub-Rayleigh imaging with pixel-limited detection Gong WL (龚文林) 171
~2 um laser output in short length highly Tm3+-doped tungsten tellurite glass doub.. Li KF(李科峰) 170
反射层析激光雷达小系统成像模拟 金晓峰 169
High spatial resolution distributed strain sensor based on linear chirped fiber Br.. Gan JL (甘久林) 169
Direct generation of intense extreme-ultraviolet supercontinuum with 35-fs, 11-mJ .. Zeng B(曾斌) 169
Applied validity of effortless method for design of sinusoidal surface microstruct.. Jing XF(井绪峰) 168
激光预处理ZrO2-SiO2 1064 nm 高反射膜的机理 李 笑 刘晓凤 168
Influence of pointing fluctuation on intense laser beams propagation in plasma cha.. Liu MW(刘明伟) 168
1047-nm all-solid-state laser based on Nd:LuLF Li R(李锐) 167
PIXE analysis of nephrite minerals from different deposits Zhang ZW(张朱武) 167
光电信息简报 200707 上海光机所信息管理中心 167
Controllable Dual-wavelength Fiber Laser Li Z(李震) 167
Effect of Tb3+ concentration and sensitization of Ce3+ on luminescence properties .. He DB(何冬兵) 166
Polarization distribution control of anisotropic electromagnetic Gaussian–Schell .. Zhang R(张荣) 165
基于交叉偏振波产生的脉冲净化技术研究与应用 王建州 165
Polarized spectroscopic properties of Ho3+-doped LuLiF4 single crystal for 2 μm a.. Chengchun Zhao(赵呈春) 165
放电泵浦准分子激光器 楼祺洪 164
Angular distribution of emitted electrons due to intense p-polarized laser foil in.. Wang WP(王文鹏) 164
Growth, luminescence and energy transfer studies of Pr3+, Yb3+ co-doped CaYAlO4 si.. Di JQ(狄聚青) 162
Enhancement of Amplified Spontaneous Emission Contrast With a Novel Front-End Base.. Yi Xu(许毅) 161
Experimental investigation of the quality of lensless super-resolution ghost imagi.. Gong WL(龚文林) 160
光电信息简报 200704 上海光机所信息管理中心 160
Synthesis and photoluminescence properties of the high-brightness Eu3+ -doped M2Gd.. Chengchun Zhao(赵呈春) 159
Intense photoluminescence at 2.7 μm in highly transparent Er3+-CaF2-Fluorophospha.. 范金太 159
光电信息简报 200706 上海光机所信息管理中心 159
双包层光纤光栅的制备及其高功率光纤激光实验研究 范元媛 158
Theoretical and experimental research on spectral performance and laser induced da.. Zhu MP(朱美萍) 158
1064nm和532nm共同辐照薄膜的损伤 周明 157
Comparative investigation of third- and fifth-harmonic generation in atomic and mo.. Ni JL(倪洁蕾) 157
Synthesis of Tb3Al5O12 (TAG) transparent ceramics for potential magneto-optical ap.. Lin H(林辉) 157
Measuring high-order Kerr effects of noble gases based on spectral analysis Ding Wang 157
微纳光学结构及应用 周常河 156
1.083μm laser operation in Nd,Mg:LiTaO3 crystal P. C. Hu 156
Investigations on valence-change behaviors of europium ions in Eu-doped aluminate .. 彭明营 155
Preparation of high performance thin-film polarizers Zhu MP(朱美萍) 155
First-principles study of the H and F centers in LiYF4 Yin JG(尹继刚) 155
强度关联远场无透镜成像装置 韩申生,龚文林,张鹏黎,沈夏 154
Studies on the Element Characteristics of Nephrite Minerals from Different Deposit.. 斯琴毕力格 154
Growth and properties of LiNbO3 co-doped with Yb3+ Er3+Mg2+ Zhang PX(张沛雄) 154
Spectral properties and laser performance of Tm, Ho: LuLF4 crystal Peng HY(彭海燕) 153
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文章名称 第一作者 下载量
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文章名称 第一作者 下载量